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Retreats provide an important time for students to reflect inwardly on who they are in relationship with God and others. Retreats are a part of our school curriculum, therefore retreats are mandatory for all of our students. Our retreats begin with Mass, followed by reflections, activities, and time for individual or small group prayer and reflections. All of our retreats take place at a site off campus.

Freshman Retreat

In order to be truly successful here at Roncalli Catholic, it is important for our students to know who they are and who God is. Our world today presents so many erroneous images of who God is to our young people, that it is necessary for them to take time to answer this question in the light of God’s self-revelation in Christ. The goal of this retreat is for students to begin to reflect on who they are and who God truly is so that they will be able to take full advantage of the spiritual life that Roncalli offers.

Sophomore Retreat

In our world today, the beauty of who we are as men and women is often overlooked. This retreat provides our Sophomores with an opportunity to prayerfully reflect on who they are as men and women. The retreat is split so that the young women can pray and reflect together as women and the young men can pray and reflect together as men. The goal of this retreat is to help the students begin to see that who they are as men and women is an essential part of how they reflect the image of the Loving God.

Junior Retreat

Of the many beautiful moments that our students share as they journey through Roncalli together, coming to know Christ more deeply is truly one of the most beautiful. This retreat will provide an opportunity for students to hear how Christ has touched lives and hearts of people here in our Archdiocese, and invite them to desire that fresh encounter with the Lord that will change their life. It will also help prepare them to lead as seniors here at Roncalli. The goal is for the juniors to realize that Christ is alive and is ready and able to touch lives and hearts. He only needs to be given the opportunity.

Senior Retreat

By the time a student becomes a Senior here at Roncalli, they will have had opportunities to serve individually and to encounter Christ and his love for them. Our Senior retreat, therefore, is designed to give them an opportunity to serve the poor in the city of Omaha as a class, and then visit the Pope St. John Paul II Newman Center in order to plan for their future and consider what it means to be Catholic on a college campus. The goal of the retreat is two-fold: first, to help the Seniors, as a class, recognize the great need that exists locally in Omaha, and secondly, to help them begin to plan for continuing their journey of faith after high school.