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Campus Ministry Retreats

Retreats are an important time for students to reflect inwardly on who they are in relationship with God and others. Retreats are part of our school curriculum, therefore are mandatory for all of our students. Our retreats begin with Mass, followed by reflections, activities and time for individual prayerful reflections. Except for our freshman retreat, all retreats take place at a site off campus.

All School Retreat:

Our annual all School Retreat takes place on Wednesday, April 26, 2017. Previously, there have been retreats for each class.

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Freshman Retreat (Respect Retreat):

Led by the Youth Frontiers of Minnesota. It teaches students how to respect themselves and to stand up for respect in school and at home. It is held on campus to encourage freshmen to be familiar with the school environment.

Sophomore Service Retreat (for Sophomores only):

This provides Sophomores the opportunity to give back to the community. Students are assigned in groups to a site where they offer their four hour services to the poor or less privileged. A typical day for this retreat begins with Mass at a site determined by the campus ministry team. Then students are bused to their respective working sites. The retreat ends with an hour of reflection lead by the Campus Ministry team.

Junior Retreat (Responsibility Retreat):

Led by the Youth Frontiers of Minnesota. It prepares juniors for their senior year by challenging them to examine how their choices affect their classmates, teachers and others. It is held off campus to provide a peaceful environment for reflection.

Senior Retreat:

Our Senior Retreats also known as “Honor Retreat” prepares seniors to respectfully bring their high school years to a healthy closure. This retreat is usually led by a team from Youth Frontiers of Minnesota. Because we want them to be in a relaxed environment, our senior Retreat takes place off campus.