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Campus Ministry Programs

Spiritual Direction/Counseling

At Roncalli Catholic we understand that as they mature, students may experience conflicts with parents, faculty, peers and significant others. Some students may experience crisis, loneliness, may begin to question authority, struggle with boundaries, experience emotional confusions, and question their faith or spiritual beliefs. This is part of growing up for most teenagers, and we are here to help. At the Campus Ministry we provided endless support to help each student work out his/her own spiritual beliefs. Our dedicated staff have an open door, and are always ready to listen, and provide guidance to help each student find the real place for religion in his/her life. A student can meet one-on-one with the chaplain to discuss any of his/her struggles or concerns. The chaplain is always available to journey with each student along spiritual path that God has called him or her. Please note that in accordance with the state law, things discussed in spiritual direction/counseling are strictly confidential.

Liturgy Committee

Liturgies are sacred events in which Christians participate in the heavenly mysteries; therefore an adequate preparation and care are needed in the planning of these sacred events. Our Liturgy Committee is an advisory and an action group of twelve dedicated students (two from each class), faculty and staff who work together to make the presence of Jesus Christ more visible through prayer and planning of school prayers and liturgical activities. They advise the chaplain on how to make the school liturgies more welcoming, loving and spirit filled. The Committee meets once a month for prayer and planning of monthly liturgies. They comprise of a representative of the EMHC and three subgroups: the sacristans (set up of the worship space for liturgies and prayers, clean up afterwards, providing sever training to fellow students), the Art and Environment (design and decorate the worship space for prayers and liturgical activities), and the Welcome and Worship Aid groups (welcome people, and assemble worship aids for prayers and liturgies). To be admitted into the committee, a student has to demonstrate a love for Jesus Christ, openness to learning, and commitment to service. Students who want to be in the committee have to make a formal application to the chaplain, obtain permission from his/her parents, and a letter of recommendation from a member of Roncalli faculty/staff.

Bible Study

This is an open discussion of Scripture, its meaning and application to personal experience offered by the Campus Ministry. This important way of making the connection between faith and everyday life builds community and helps students appropriate their faith. Discussions take place in fun, relaxed and non-threatening atmosphere. We invite students of any faith group to join us to discuss a biblical topic on Tuesdays at 3:20pm – 4:00pm (after school).

Pride for Life

Roncalli campus ministry believes in the gospel of Life. We promote the culture of life from conception to natural death. Our Pro-Life committee raises fund to support the pro-life culture in our campus and our nation. Our students attend the Annual March for Life in Washington DC. For more information, contact Fr. Chi Igboanusi at cigboanusi@roncallicatholic.org.

Christian Service Hours

Roncalli Catholic High School students are required to complete a Christian Service Assessment each year. The purpose of this is to help students develop the habit of serving those in need, in imitation of Christ. Please contact Mr. Tim Mueting at tmueting@roncallicatholic.org for more information.

La Sallian Youth

This is a group of students who model their lives after the life of St. Francis De La Sales. They exemplify “faith in the presence of God, love for education, concern for the poor and social justice, life through Jesus Christ, and a respect for all persons within an inclusive community.” For more information, please contact Mrs. Cathy Leak at cleak@roncallicatholic.org.

Peer Ministry

We are also initiating a new program called “Peer Ministry” beginning the Spring 2013 Semester. Peer Ministers are students who help other students. We need twelve students, three from each class, to be trained as peer ministers during the fall semester. More information will be provided soon.

Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion

The Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion (EMHC) are Catholic students who have been selected by the faculty, and approved by the campus ministry team for the distribution of Holy Communion at school Masses. To be an EMHC, a Student must be a practicing catholic in good standing, must have good moral character and exemplifies the teachings of the Catholic Church and the values of Roncalli Catholic High School. The Student must be confirmed, and must be a junior or senior to attend the EMHC training and be mandated by the Archbishop of Omaha. For more information on how to become an EMHC please contact any member of the campus ministry team.

Senior Breakfast

Usually on the Wednesday before graduation there is a Senior Breakfast at which the Seniors are inducted into the Alumni Association. Campus Ministry presents the graduating seniors with a key ring that is unique to Roncalli.