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Outreach Ministry

Roncalli Catholic Campus Ministry believes in the gospel of love, and organizes several outreach programs throughout the year. For the Lord Jesus says, “When I was hungry you gave me food to eat, when I was thirsty you gave me something to drink, naked you clothed me…” If you would like to help out in any of these programs please contact our office or any member of our team.

School Year Programs

Blood Drives

We believe in the gospel of Life, and we do all we can to support our brothers and sisters who are in dire need of blood. We usually have two Blood Drives per year, one in the Fall Semester and the other in the Spring Semester.

Food Drive

Campus Ministry organizes a canned food drive for “Operation Others” during the school year. Our students lead the campaign against hunger. The food collected helps our brothers and sisters who go without food.

Goodwill Clothing Drive

Campus Ministry organizes clothing drives each year for our brothers and sisters in need of clothing. Proceeds are usually donated to Goodwill.

Hunger Banquet

Hunger Banquet is designed to help students become aware of the sufferings and needs of their brothers and sisters in third world countries. In some countries, children of their age go without food. The Campus Ministry organizes a hunger banquet during the Spring Semester, usually on Ash Wednesday. Diverse foods from select third world countries are served during the banquet. Proceeds from the fasting go to the Food Bank or another local charity organization chosen by students, and Catholic Relief Services to help combat hunger in a third world country. Please contact Mrs. Cathy Leak for more information.

Adopt an Angel at Christmas

The Campus Ministry will help collect Christmas donations for some disadvantaged “angel” also known as “my neighbor.” The neighbor maybe the person sitting next your child in the classroom or at school school lunch. They are in need not because of choice. Adopt an angel at Christmas time and we will provide food and Christmas presents to the student in need. The Liturgy Committee will start collecting gifts beginning the First week of Advent.

March for Life

Our wonderful Students for Life team promotes the gospel of Life on our campus throughout the school year, and also leads the major Annual March for Life in Washington DC. For more information, contact Fr. Chi Igboanusi cigboanusi@roncallicatholic.org.

Vocation Awareness Week

The Campus Ministry promotes all vocations, but more emphasis on the vocation to the Priesthood, The Diaconate, the Religious/Consecrated Life, the Married Life and the Single Life. Vocation directors and married couples from around the Archdiocese of Omaha are invited to give talks to our students on the priesthood, the religious life and the married life. If you feel that God may be calling you to the priesthood or Religious Life, please feel free to talk to Fr. Chi about it. For more information about the priesthood or Religious/Consecrated Life, click here. Check our calendar for upcoming vocation event.

Summer Programs

Campus Ministry is never on break. During the Summer we keep our students connected to our community through different outreach programs and through our campus ministry Facebook. Some of the programs are:

Annual Brush-up Nebraska Paint-a-Thon

We team up with other catholic high schools and youth ministries around Omaha to paint the home of some of Jesus’ people around town. Paints are usually donated by Sherwin Williams. Please check our calendar and Facebook for upcoming events.

Relay for Life

Raises money for the American Cancer Society in the month of June. More information will be posted on our Facebook page and school calendar.

Teens Encounter Christ

This program is organized through the Archdiocese of Omaha’s Office of Youth Ministry: http://www.archomaha.org/youth-ministry/tec/. More information will be posted on our Facebook and school calendar.

** Please Note: in addition to the regular service opportunities above, we also organize other one-time, special project, community service events (like Habitat for Humanity and service trips) during the Summer. Check our calendar or Facebook for the upcoming events.