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Roncalli Catholic Campus Ministry

Campus Ministry Mission

As a Catholic high school of the Archdiocese of Omaha, Roncalli Catholic High School has among its goals to assist parents in the Spiritual Formation of our students. We are ultimately concerned with the development of the whole person (body, mind and soul).

The primary concern of the Pastoral/Campus Ministry Department is our souls, and our spiritual well being. The purpose then of Pastoral/Campus Ministry at Roncalli Catholic High School is to coordinate and guide the Christian formation of healthy, well-rounded, and spiritually grounded individuals who are preparing to be active members of their own faith communities.

Pastoral/Campus Ministry at Roncalli Catholic High School includes students, faculty/staff and families. The majority of the school’s ministry is focused toward our students, but significant energy is given to the formation of the faculty/staff and school families in the Christian life.

The goals of the Campus Ministry at Roncalli Catholic High School are:

  1. To create a safe Christian environment in the school and at school functions where everyone is aware of the living presence of Christ the Teacher.
  2. To assist parents in their role as the primary teachers of their children in the ways of the faith and to include families in the spiritual formation of the school.
  3. To create a community within the school, which by its very nature, is imbued with Catholic habits and practices.
  4. To coordinate regular celebrations of the Eucharist during the school schedule as well as other prayer services and sacramental celebrations.
  5. To oversee the planning and execution of the annual retreats for all students.
  6. To encourage acts of Gospel service through the Christian Service Program.