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A Word From Our Chaplain

Dear Prospective Student or Parent:

Welcome! Roncalli High School is a Catholic school in the Archdiocese of Omaha.  We follow the tradition of Notre Dame Sisters and the Christian Brothers Congregation. We believe in the holistic (spiritual, moral, intellectual and human) formation of each student in a loving, faith-filled environment, and we strive to provide such an environment here at Roncalli Catholic High School.The primary responsibility of the Campus Ministry is the pastoral care of the souls of our students; but, we also reach out to our faculty, staff and families. Through our different programs, we participate in the three-fold ministry of the church of Jesus Christ: preaching (kerygma),community building (koinonia) and service (diakonia).

As the Chaplain of Roncalli, it is my goal to provide every student an opportunity to encounter the love of Christ for them, with the hope that this encounter will provide a foundation for both what they will learn here and for the rest of their lives. Learning in our school is enriched by relating that love to the needs of the student and by integrating the mission and goals of the Archdiocese of Omaha and Roncalli Catholic High School so as to respond to each student in a way that reflects our Christian values and the love and truth of Jesus Christ. Our distinguished staff, faculty and volunteers help students learn from their own experiences, advocate for the incorporation of Christian values into their everyday lives, and guide students so that they can see their life in the light and love of the Gospel.

The Campus Ministry program provides many opportunities for students, faculty, staff and parents to enter into a deeper relationship with Jesus Christ, and or help to rekindle the fire of faith within them. We hope you will soon join the Roncalli Catholic family and grow in your academic and faith journey with us.It is a joy for me to serve here as the Chaplain, and I look forward to seeing what the Lord has in store for our amazing school.

Also, feel free to join us at Mass at 7:30 a.m. on Tuesdays and Thursdays in the Al McMahon Chapel at RCHS. You are welcome to attend.

Fr. Matt NiggemeyerMay God bless you!

Father Matthew Niggemeyer
Chaplain, Roncalli Catholic

Campus Ministry Mission

As a Catholic high school of the Archdiocese of Omaha, Roncalli Catholic High School has among its goals to assist parents in the Spiritual Formation of our students. We are ultimately concerned with the development of the whole person (body, mind and soul).

The primary concern of the Pastoral/Campus Ministry Department is our souls, and our spiritual well being. The purpose then of Pastoral/Campus Ministry at Roncalli Catholic High School is to coordinate and guide the Christian formation of healthy, well-rounded, and spiritually grounded individuals who are preparing to be active members of their own faith communities.

Pastoral/Campus Ministry at Roncalli Catholic High School includes students, faculty/staff and families. The majority of the school’s ministry is focused toward our students, but significant energy is given to the formation of the faculty/staff and school families in the Christian life.

The goals of the Campus Ministry at Roncalli Catholic High School are:

  1. To provide opportunities for our students to encounter the love of the heart of Christ for them and teach them how to remain in that love (Jn. 15;4).
  2. To work with the administration and faculty here at Roncalli in order to provide formation, support, and to encourage them in their role as evangelizers.
  3. To assist parents in their roles as the primary teachers of their children in the ways of the faith and to include families in the spiritual formation of the school.
  4. To provide support to the administration as they work to create a school that provides an authentically Catholic atmosphere for our students to grow in spiritually and intellectually.
  5. To coordinate regular celebrations of the Eucharist during the school schedule as well as other prayer services and sacramental celebrations.
  6. To oversee the planning and execution of the annual retreats for all students.
  7. To encourage acts of Gospel services through the Christian Service Program.

Roncalli Catholic Campus Ministry Team


Religion Teacher, Christian Service

Campus Ministry Volunteer Assistant (Server Training, Bible Study & Liturgical Services and Prayers)

Fr. Matthew Niggemeyer

Mr. Tim Mueting

Deacon Rick Niedergeses