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Preparing for College

College Scholarship Information

Tips for Finding Scholarships

  1. Organize scholarships in deadline order, and set aside time each week to work on scholarship essays and applications.
  2. If requested on the application, list activities, awards, honors, classes, as well as volunteer or paid jobs. Track them using the Activities Resume at EducationQuest.org
  3. If an application requires a letter of recommendation, give the person writing the letter sufficient notice, a specific deadline, and a copy of your Activities Resume.
  4. After writing the essay, ask an adult (preferably an English teacher) to review the document for spelling, grammar, and sentence structure.
  5. Following all direction, and make sure the application is complete and submitted by the deadline or it will be disqualified.
  6. Never pay for scholarship services! Talk to guidance counselor Mrs. Clark or contact EducationQuest about many options available.

Where to Find Scholarships

  1. ScholarshipQuest at EducationQuest.org: contains more than 2,000 local and state scholarships. We also have resources at our offices in Omaha.
  2. Visit Mrs. Clark’s office at least once a month during your senior year to learn about local and national awards.
  3. Contact colleges of interest for a list of scholarships they offer along with information about criteria, deadlines, and application procedures.
  4. Other resources could include clubs and organizations, parents’ employers, and civic organizations.
  5. National Scholarship Search Sites – visit free sites such as:

College Visitation Days and Events:

(Students should try to arrange visits at least 2 wks in advance for a formal campus tour & return with a note from that college’s admission office verifying the date & time of the visit.)

Bellevue University Campus

Tours scheduled by appointment.
Contact: 293-2000; info@bellevue.edu

College of St. Mary

Campus Tours scheduled by appointment.
Contact: 399-2405.

Creighton University

Campus Tours scheduled by appointment.
Contact: 280-2700; www.creighton.edu

Metro Community College

Campus Tours scheduled Mondays through Thursdays between 9 AM & 3:30 PM.
Contact: 457-2418.

Nebraska Wesleyan

Campus Tours scheduled Monday through Friday between 9 AM & 1:30 PM.
Contact at 1-800-541-3818 or at www.findoutnwu.com.

Peru State College

Campus Tours scheduled Mondays through Thursdays 10 AM & 12:30 PM.
Contact: 800-742-4412.

U of NE Kearney

Campus Tours scheduled 9:30 AM and 1:30 PM.
Contact: 1-800-KEARNEY; admissions@unk.edu

U of NE Lincoln

Campus Tours scheduled 9 AM & 1 PM.
Contact: admissions.unl.edu/visit

U of NE Omaha

Campus Tours scheduled 9:30 AM & 12:30 PM.
Contact:1-800-554MAV1; www.ses.unomaha.edu/recruit

Wayne State College

Campus Tours scheduled Mondays through Thursdays 9:30 AM & 12:30 PM.
Contact: www.wsc.edu/admission/visit_campus