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Guidance - A Word From The School Counselor


Roncalli Catholic High School offers a full, comprehensive guidance program that follows the American School Counselor Association model. Services are provided in three domains: Academic, College/Career, Personal/Social, and are delivered through presentations, classroom lessons, small group sessions, and one-on-one counseling.


Academically, the Guidance Office makes sure students are taking the most beneficial schedule possible, as well as providing support to students who need additional assistance.
This support can come in the form of tutoring and encouragement. In addition, Roncalli Catholic works with students with special needs, honoring all accommodations to provide every student with the most supportive environment possible.


The Guidance Office also guides students and families through the college and career process. This is done through many avenues, including guidance lessons on scholarships and applications, college rep visits, and access to college fairs.


Additionally, when a student is struggling with a personal or social crisis, the Guidance Office is available to provide extra support, either through one-one-one sessions, small group programs, and, when necessary, referral to service agencies outside the office.

Each student is a unique individual with unique needs, and the Roncalli Catholic Guidance Office works diligently to meet those needs and provide the best individual education possible.

For more information on Roncalli Catholic High School’s guidance program, please contact Christianne Clark at cclark@roncallicatholic.org.