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RCHS Careers

Current Openings

TITLE OF POSITION: Communications Coordinator


CONTRACT PERIOD: Work Agreement July 1 – June 30

TYPE: Full Time

EXPERIENCE: 1 year preferred.

The Communications Coordinator is responsible for overseeing and implementing a detailed communications plan that consistently articulates the school’s distinct mission and educational value to the broader community. Primary duties and responsibilities are outlined below.

1. Develops and implements a scheduled communications plan that promotes a
consistent image of the school.

2. Serves as the designer, editor, and main copywriter of Pride Magazine. Pride
Magazine is an electronic publication issued four times a year.

3. Writes, edits, and distributes news stories, feature articles, press releases, and social media messages that are consistent with the school’s branding guidelines.

4. Serves as the school’s primary contact to the media. Establishes and maintains effective relationships and partnerships with area media representatives.

5. Oversees the content and design for all printed recruitment, marketing, and
fundraising materials for Roncalli Catholic, including advertising, brochures,
billboards, flyers, posters, etc.

6. Develops and implements the school’s marketing and style guide standards.
Ensures that all communications are accurate, thorough, and meet brand and
content standards.

7. Keeps the community informed of news and events by maintaining and updating content on the school’s website, Sycamore page, and building sign. Sends a weekly update to parents, a monthly update to alumni, and batch emails to the community as needed.

8. Analyses trends on Roncalli Catholic’s website and social media accounts and makes recommendations to enhance the effectiveness of the school’s
communication techniques.

9. Performs other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

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