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Shadowing at Roncalli Catholic

Do you want to “Shadow” a Roncalli Catholic student?

Any junior high or high school student wishing to spend the day at Roncalli Catholic High School with a current student must have his/her parents contact the Director of Recruitment at least one day prior to the day he/she plans to visit.

Only students with a serious interest in attending Roncalli Catholic will be allowed to visit. The only exception will be if there is an out-of-town visitor staying with a Roncalli Catholic family.

A visitor request form must be signed and completed before a non-Roncalli Catholic student will be allowed in the building. All visitors must report to the office for a visitor pass, once all other formalities have been handled.

Visitors must comply with all rules of conduct in the Roncalli Catholic Student Handbook and must be dressed appropriately (NO jeans, t-shirts or questionable clothing will be allowed). The Director of Recruitment or an Administrator has the right to deny admittance to any visitor or ask the visitor to leave the premises, if any guidelines are violated.

School Contact: Mr. T.J. Orr, Admissions Director, 571-7670 or torr@roncallicatholic.org.

FAQ about Shadowing

How much advance notice is needed?
One day

Who can set it up?
A parent must make the call.

Are there half or full day restrictions?
Roncalli Catholic encourages a full day visit but will allow half day visits

Is there a restriction as to who can shadow in regards to grade level?
6th grade is the youngest.

Is there a limit on the number of times that a student may shadow in the same school year?
No, a student may come for a second visit if they are having a hard time with their decision.

May the “Shadowee” have more than one visitor at a time?
No more than two will be allowed per Shadowee.

Limit of visitors per day?
Maximum of 12; the school may be flexible.

What is the policy for high school students wanting to visit?
As is the policy for an out-of-town visitor, they must call the school, and a Visitor Request Form will be mailed to them or download one from our website.

Dress code?
Collared shirt and dress pants or shorts for boys; dress shorts, dress or skirt of an appropriate length for girls.

Lunch costs?
Range from $2.50 – $5.00

Restricted dates?
Finals and all-school retreat.

Drop off & pick up policy:
Visitors should be dropped off at 8:00 and report to the front office; and picked up at 3:08 p.m.

How are shadows matched up?
Visitors are paired up with Student Ambassadors with similar interests.

What should a visitor bring or not bring?
No cell phones.