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Academic Scholarships

These scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen based upon scores on the Eighth Grade Placement Exam given at Roncalli Catholic. This exam is given on a scheduled Saturday morning in January each year. The student must take the exam on that Saturday to be eligible to receive an academic scholarship. These scholarships are awarded in various amounts divided over a student’s four years at Roncalli Catholic. The scholarship is not transferable.

“Pride Leader” Scholarships

“Pride Leader” Scholarships are available each year for incoming freshmen only. These scholarships are awarded based upon the leadership qualities the indiviual has shown and developed in combination with the applicant’s score achieved on the Roncalli Catholic Placement Exam.

  • All students who test at Roncalli Catholic High School are encouraged to apply. “Pride Leader” Scholarships are awarded to those students who have the highest test scores and highest leadership evaluations.
  • To be eligible for a “Pride Leader” Scholarship, the student must take the Eighth Grade Placement Exam at Roncalli Catholic High School on the primary testing day. “Pride Leader” Scholarships are one-year, nonrenewable scholarships at a value of $1000.00.
  • After taking the Placement Exam, students may apply for a “Pride Leader” Scholarship by first filling out the application form. Then, students must send evaluation forms to three adults who are to evaluate the student’s personal leadership qualities. These adults may be teachers, coaches, school administrators, pastors, youth leaders, employers, etc. A least one of these evaluations must come from a current teacher or administrator. However, these adults are not to be related to the applicant.