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Course Offerings

The entire staff of Roncalli Catholic High School presents a source of information regarding the courses of study and the school enrollment procedure for students, parents, and counselors to assist them in establishing a meaningful course of study for each student. Course offerings by department are listed below:

Business Education

Miss Cara Carson – Computer Applications, Accounting

English Department

Ms. Toni Hoffmeier-Magnus – Department Chair, 12th Grade Language Arts, Fall Play Co-Director, FEA Co-Sponsor, School Improvement Team
Ms. Megan McCuen – 11th Grade Language Arts
Mrs. Brandie O’Reilly – 10th Grade Language Arts, Fall Play Co-Director, FEA Co-Sponsor
Mrs. Kristen Duncan – 9th Grade Language Arts, Cheerleading Sponsor, Journalism Adviser

Family and Consumer Science

Ms. Elizabeth Hagan – Child Development, Foods & Nutrition, Culinary Arts


Mr. Joe Ankenbauer – Department Chair; Pre-Calculus, DC Statistics, Honors Algebra II,
Algebra II
Mr. Michael Berens – Honors Algebra, Algebra, Pre-Algebra
Ms. Sharon Hostler – AP Calculus, Pre-Calculus, Honors Geometry, Geometry

Physical Education and Health

Mrs. Cele Finley – Department Chair, Lifestyle Fitness, PEI, PEII, Health, PEIII/Officiating


Fr. Matt Niggemeyer – Chaplain, Campus Ministry, International Club, Pro-Life Club
Mr. Tim Mueting, – Department Chair, Honors Pascal Mystery, Pascal Mystery, Sacraments, Jesus Christ in Scripture, Honors Jesus Christ in Church, Intro to Philosophy (Department Chair Philosophy), Catholic Social Teaching,
Mr. Daniel Szalewski – Jesus Christ in Church, Christology, Honors Christology, Jesus Christ in Scripture, Honors Jesus Christ in Scripture.
Ms. Elizabeth “Coco” Osborne – Sacraments, World Religions, Christian Morality, Honors Christian Morality, Honors Jesus Christ in Church


Mr. John Poltack – AP Chemistry, Chemistry, Physical Science
Mr. Don Jensen – AP Biology, Honors Biology, Anatomy and Physiology, Intro to Health Careers, Medical Terminology
Mr. Zach Byrd – Zoology, Biology, Earth Science

Social Science

Mr. J.J. Stoffel – Department Chair, Honors U.S History, U.S.History, History of Omaha
Mr. Tom Kassing – AP Government, Government, Economics and Personal Finance, Justice and Law
Mr. Kevin Kelly – Honors World History, World History, Psychology, Sociology

Visual and Performing Arts

Mr. Marshall Keough – Music Theory, Band, Women’s Chorus, Choir, Piano, Guitar, Musical
Ms. Dawn Burton – Pottery, Drawing, Photography, Advanced Art, Graphic Design

World Languages

Mrs. Kathy Slaight, Department Head – Spanish I, Spanish II, Spanish III/IV
Ms. Nancy Wolf – French I, French II, French III/IV


Roncalli Catholic High School, established in 1974, is fully accredited by the North Central Association of Colleges and Secondary Schools. Roncalli Catholic High School is also accredited by the State of Nebraska Department of Education and is on the list of Class A accredited schools as established by the members of the State Accreditation Committee. In addition, Roncalli Catholic High School is a member in good standing of the Secondary School Department of the National Catholic Education Association.