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Events and Alumni Coordinator

TITLE OF POSITION:                                      Events and Alumni Coordinator

DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE TO:                       Development Director

EXPERIENCE:                                                  1 year preferred.

The Events Coordinator reports to the Development Director and
is responsible for the organization and implementation of all fundraisers and other
programs related to development at Roncalli Catholic High School.

General Responsibilities: The primary duties of the Events and Alumni Coordinator are detailed below:

1. Plan and implement all Roncalli Catholic special events/fundraisers. The Events
and Alumni Coordinator will make arrangements with vendors, establish
committees and recruit volunteers to help with special events, solicit the support
of sponsors, and request donations for auction or raffle prizes.

2. Work with the Development Director and Communications Coordinator to create
a comprehensive calendar for fundraisers and special events. Events include:
Festa del Leone, Fireworks, Swing with Pride, High Tea, Trivia Night, State of the
School, Grandparent’s Day, and a Patron Party. Provide aid to other programs,
such as Open House, Graduation, etc., as needed.

3. Create a comprehensive binder at the conclusion of each event to be used as a
tool for future years.

4. Establish an Alumni Association to increase alumni outreach at Roncalli Catholic.

5. Work with the reunion committees to plan and execute class reunions.

6. Additional duties as assigned.

Salary and Benefits:

1. Salary negotiable and commensurate with experience and education.
2. Medical benefits as offered to staff through the Archdiocese of Omaha.
3. Pension plan.
4. 403B plans available.