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RCHS On-Line Job Application

On-Line Job Application

Returning Student Enrollment Checklist

Parents of Returning Students:

Welcome back to Roncalli Catholic High School!  We are excited to start the re-enrollment process for next school year and look forward to your student returning for another year.  The process and requirements are different this year, so please read carefully.

The process consists of 4 steps:

1.  Complete…


Events and Alumni Coordinator
TITLE OF POSITION:                                      Events and Alumni Coordinator

DIRECTLY RESPONSIBLE TO:                       Development Director

EXPERIENCE:                                                  1 year preferred.

The Events Coordinator reports to the Development Director and
is responsible for the organization and implementation of all fundraisers and other
programs related to development at Roncalli Catholic High School.

General Responsibilities: The primary duties…

Scholarship Opportunities

General Information
There are three primary sources for college scholarships.  They include:

Scholarships awarded by the college the student will be attending (the biggest source) – Generally based on GPA, ACT Score, special talent, etc.
Scholarships awarded by local organizations – Examples:  Keystone Community, American Legion, etc.
National scholarships – Best Buy, Coca-Cola,…


Roncalli Catholic High School offers a full, comprehensive guidance program that follows the American School Counselor Association model. Services are provided in three domains: Academic, College/Career, Personal/Social, and are delivered through presentations, classroom lessons, small group sessions, and one-on-one counseling.
Academically, the Guidance Office makes sure students are taking the…


Spiritual Direction/Counseling
At Roncalli Catholic we understand that as they mature, students may experience conflicts with parents, faculty, peers and significant others. Some students may experience crisis, loneliness, may begin to question authority, struggle with boundaries, experience emotional confusions, and question their faith or spiritual beliefs. This is part of…


Academic Scholarships
These scholarships are awarded to incoming freshmen based upon scores on the Eighth Grade Placement Exam given at Roncalli Catholic. This exam is given on a scheduled Saturday morning in January each year. The student must take the exam on that Saturday to be eligible to receive an…

Financial Aid

On-line Financial Aid Application Process for Customized Tuition Plans
Please Read Carefully
Roncalli Catholic High School is pleased to offer customized tuition payment plans again for the upcoming school year. New families to Roncalli Catholic are invited to schedule a personal and confidential meeting with us to construct this plan, thus allowing…

All-Inclusive Tuition

All-Inclusive Tuition
All-Inclusive Tuition at Roncalli Catholic is one rate which includes textbooks and other educational materials, class retreat, student planner, activity pass, technology costs and field trips.

All-Inclusive, Subsidized Rate* $9,900
All-Inclusive, Un-subsidized Rate $10,300

*Pastors of Catholic parishes pay $400 toward tuition, if approved, according to parish
guidelines (registered and…

Course Offerings

The entire staff of Roncalli Catholic High School presents a source of information regarding the courses of study and the school enrollment procedure for students, parents, and counselors to assist them in establishing a meaningful course of study for each student. Course offerings by department are listed below:
Business Education